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Soothes Pain & Supports Nerve Repair

Nerve Matrix™

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Every essential nutrient for nerve health packed inside each capsule.  Calm those nagging nerves and step into a world free from discomfort.
  • Supports and optimizes nerve repair
  • Helps soothe neuropathy symptoms 
  • Calms body-wide inflammation
  • Promotes maximum comfort, deep sleep, and daily pain relief 
  • Premium 100% natural ingredients

Key Ingredients:

Bio-Optimized R-ALA™

Say goodbye to burning and tingling sensations. BioEnhanced R-ALA™ acts swiftly to alleviate common nerve issues and ensure comfort.



Strengthen the backbone of your nerves! Citicoline amplifies the integrity of nerve cell membranes, enhancing overall nerve strength.

N Acetyl Cysteine

Revive and renew! N Acetyl Cysteine aids in sparking nerve regeneration and renewal for optimum function.


    Fortify your cells' defense! Benfotiamine stands as a guard, shielding cells from potential harm.

    (Tumeric Extract)

    Fight the flare-ups! Curcumin is your natural warrior against inflammation, ensuring your nerves stay healthy and calm.

    Vitamin & Mineral Blend

    Nourish & shield! Our curated blend serves a dual role: nourishing your nerves for healing today and fortifying them against deterioration tomorrow.

    All Ingredients:



    How It Works

    The First All-In-One Nerve Support Supplement With A Double Function:


    1) Recovery

    Helps to soothe aching nerves by encouraging myelin sheath (nerve insulation) regeneration...

    And aiding in the recovery of nerve function.


    2) Protection

    Acting as a nerve protectant to help prevent further nerve damage to the central nervous system.




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      Nerve Matrix™
      Nerve Matrix™
      Nerve Matrix™
      Nerve Matrix™
      Nerve Matrix™
      Nerve Matrix™

      Helps You Relieve

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        Nerve Pain

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      Every Essential Nutrient

      For Nerve Health & Regeneration

      • 1. Heal Nagging Nerves

        When it comes to maintaining proper nerve health and soothing pain, ALA (alpha-lipoic acid) is the most well-researched ingredient. It helps to:

        • Boost nerve function
        • Reduce inflammation
        • ​Lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol
        • Reduce nerve pain, tingling, & numbness

        While standard ALA supplements struggle with low absorption rates, our experts have crafted a Bio-Optimized version of Nerve Matrix, enhancing absorption by an impressive 40x.

      • 2. Protect Against Future Damage

        Nutrient deficiencies are a leading cause of nerve deterioration and chronic pain - that's why Nerve Matrix™ was made with a complete vitamin and mineral blend including:

        • Vitamin D - Essential for nerve growth & repair
        • Vitamin B Complex - Key for neurotransmitter function
        • Zinc & Selenium - Necessary to protect against nerve damage
        • Magnesium - Fundamental for nerve communication
        • Copper - Critical for myelin (nerve's protective coating)

        A healthy protective coating allows nerves to become more resistant to damage and inflammation. Just like how your skin burns without sunscreen - your nerves deteriorate without myelin!

      • 3. Support Nerve Regeneration

        Nerve Matrix is powered by Citicoline, a groundbreaking ingredient known for its pivotal role in nerve rejuvenation. It helps to:

        • Amplify nerve cell resilience
        • Strengthen nerve cell membranes
        • Enhance nerve signal transmission
        • Support optimal nerve health
        • Pave the way for long-term nerve comfort

        Citicoline fortifies the structure and function of nerve cells. It is essential for strengthening nerve cell membranes and promoting overall nerve cell recovery. This powerhouse ingredient helps support and boost your nerve health, helping you lead a life full of activity and long-term comfort.

      What Others Are Saying...

      Less pain every day!

      I'm not one to leave reviews, but here I am! The results I've seen from this supplement are outstanding! The nerves in my feet and legs ache less and less each day, and I'm hopeful the results will continue.

      Valerie B.

      I'm finally sleeping without discomfort!

      I've struggled with neuropathy, horrible burning, and sharp bone prickling pain for 2 years now. I've tried every product under the sun but this is the only thing that actually helped me! Thank you!

      Gary H.

      My nerve issue went away in 2 weeks!

      I had shooting nerve pain in my neck that ran down my arm for months. The chiropractor and doctors told me there was nothing I could do, so I decided to give Nerve Matrix a try. I was shocked that the pain went away within a few weeks!

      Christy C.