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"I have tried numerous products to alleviate the pain and discomfort from the neuropathy in my feet. This is literally the only product that has even touched the problem. Thank you for helping me!"

Ruthanne H. 57| Rapid City, SD

I have diabetes and this help with the horrible burning.

"My feet used to hurt too bad to run, but thanks to this cream, I was able to get back on my feet & continue jogging."

Gary H. 61 | Portage, MI

Nerve balm helps me sleep like a baby.

I’ve suffered with neuropathy for many years and the pain and tingling has increased quite significantly lately. I was pleasantly surprised with this cream. It immediately takes away that biting, burning pain, and allows me to sleep at night. I’m so grateful I’ve found a product that really helps.

Mabel J. 68 | Cedar City UT

Thank you for this wonderful product!

"This is one of the products I've found that truly helps me manage the symptoms. Very easy to use. I put it on before bed and it helps me sleep all through the night."

Jane S. 71  | Asheville, NC