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It's like a miracle in a jar!

I've had peripheral neuropathy in my left foot/leg since a big spinal surgery 10 months ago. How I wish I'd learned of this sooner! I'm an RN, and reviewed all the ingredients but was still skeptical. My physical therapist urged me to try a cream with CBD in it. This stuff worked within 30 min of application! I was shocked to have any relief at all. It makes walking tolerable, and I'm hoping with consistent use that it only gets better.

A. A.

Love love love Nerve Balm!

I tried everything for the burning on my lower legs after ankle and hip surgery. Burning at night kept me awake. Tried Nerve Balm three weeks ago and will remain a faithful customer from now on. Just a small amount helped so much!

Margaret Pfeiffer 

Nerves calmed

I’ve tried several creams, pills and devices to ease my severe neuropathy and nothing has worked as well as Lune nerve cream.
After using for a couple of weeks the burning and tingling has diminished greatly.

Matt Rockwood